Steps involved in Transaction on

Step 1:
The customer places the order on after selecting and adding items in the Ordering and clicks on “Confirm Order” button.
Step 2:
The Customer is re-directed to the INSTAMOJO payment page to select payment mode i.e. credit card /debit card/ Net banking etc.
Step 3:
The Customer selects the mode of payment and enters his/her details on INSTAMOJO Payment page.
Step 4:
The Customer details are sent from INSTAMOJO to the acquiring bank, the acquiring bank then sends the details for authentication.
Step 5:
Secure authentication further passes the details to the issuing bank for authentication.
Step 6:
On successful verification by the issuing bank, the information is shared back to secured gateway which in turns lets the acquiring bank know that the card details provided have been verified and authenticated.
Step 7:
The Acquiring bank shares the success in transaction to INSTAMOJO.
Step 8:
INSTAMOJO passes on the information to the Customer who is then redirected to
Step 9:
Nalvazhvu then confirms the payment and ships the product to the customer.