1. Every Business week begins on Monday and ends on theSaturday. Incentives earned by achieving levels will be credited into the E-wallet and payment will be credited to bank account by every saturday on request of the Individual Distributor.
2. Distributors are strictly prohibited to sell any products at discounted rate and must give them with the duly filled in customer receipt.
3. Uniform home delivery charge is applicable for all the purchases made and shall be delivered till the last location with courier service. Nominal delivery charges if picked up from distributor. Delivery charge is not applicable, if directly picked up from the Nalvazhvu factory.
4. Distributors are strictly prohibited from doing any sort of promotion or to make claims of any kind through social media. Distributors may however use Nalvazhvu official page for the above said purpose.
5. Terms & Conditions mentioned in application form should be clearly explained to a new distributor while sponsoring.
6. No Ids can be created on any Partnership basis or on Name of a firm.
7. If an ID remain inactive and not achieving eligibility even after crossing 10thwill be terminated permanently and no rights to claim benefits offered by Nalvazhvu.
8. Distributors are strictly prohibited from changing their line of uplines subsequent to activation of their ID.
9. The default Co-applicant of a person is his/her spouse. However in the case of a Distributor being unmarried/Divorced the default Co-applicant for a female Distributor is their father and mother in the case of a male Distributor.
10. Every Distributor must submit the scanned copy of his KYC/KYDC, PAN Card, address proof and cancelled cheque before the end of first 4 weeks from the week of his enrolment; failing which he would remain unable to place a subsequent repurchase order.
11. In case of failure in submitting the scanned copy of his PAN card, TDS of 20% instead of 5% would be deducted from the Distributor.
12. The distributorship is non-transferable
13. Distributors are prohibited from changing their sponsor subsequent to activation of the ID.
14. 2nd Berth ID can be opened only after achieving eligibility.
15. Violations of any of the company norms may attract discontinuation or cancellation of Royalty. Payment of Royalty will be at sole discretion of the company.
16. Association of the distributor with any other Network Marketing Company or a ponzy scheme or money chain of whatsoever kind or any other valid reason which company feels so, will amount in the termination of distributorship.
Refer www.ulakh.com for the latest update. Any disputes, Chennai jurisdiction prevails.